The stores, as well as our private clients look to PEGGY JENNINGS, to satisfy their social needs.

We are very proud of what we have achieved and consider it in no small measure to the fact that we have always produced everything in our own facilities, contracting nothing. We have complete control over everything into which our name goes. This is most unusual in our industry, as Oscar, Blass, Herrera, Valentino, etc. all contract their production.

We have a lace label that is most unusual to connote the fact that to PEGGY JENNINGS No detail is unimportant. Every garment is silk lined, every buttonhole is hand bound.


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There is a uniqueness to PEGGY JENNINGS that should be subtly conveyed.

PEGGY JENNINGS has always made every piece in her own facilities to insure maximum quality control. Quality is also reflected in the fact that every piece is silk lined, all button holes are hand bound, buttons are glass, natural shell or metal. The best European fabrics deserve the finest workmanship and each piece is meticulous crafted.

When a gown is ordered, the lining is always presented for a fitting prior to the gown being made to insure the client's figure is reflected exactly as she wants it.

Each collection begins with no fewer than 100 new fabrics. No designer offers a wider selection of fabrics, colors, accessories and silhouettes from which to choose.


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